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Roll Up Screens - The Better Alternative

Everyone knows that a screen door is great for making your home feel cooler and more pleasant in the summer, without the danger of bugs and animals waltzing in.  However, one big problem with a conventional screen door is that when you're not using it, it's still there.  That means opening and closing two doors every time you enter or exit the house.  If you're tired of seeing your screen door when it's not needed, consider roll up screens as a better option.  They're easy to install and use, and perform all the functions of a regular screen door, but they roll or fold out of the way when not in use.

Since retractable screens roll up when they're not needed, they're a useful and convenient alternative to an ordinary screen door.  It's easy to install these inexpensive doors - they can be put up by a single person with a saw and a screwdriver in most cases.  If it's not warm enough to use the screen, just roll it up inside its low profile casing.  Some screens fold as they retract, allowing them to take up even less space when you don't need them.  For people who don't have the space for a full screen door to swing, but who'd like to have all the advantages of one, this is probably the best solution.

Remember that these doors don't just have to be installed the way we usually use a screen door.  You can also make use of roll up screens inside your home.  For instance, you can use one to block off an area, keeping pets out.  They make good dividers for areas that you'd like to block off, but which aren't suitable for a normal door.  For instance, people with attached garages can install a retracting screen between the house and the garage, so the area feels less closed off and has free airflow.

It's important to measure your door before buying a roll up screen.  That's because the screen has to exactly fit your door frame.  Otherwise, you could have a gap where the screen isn't able to cover.  Talk to the manufacturer or distributor to find out which measurements are needed, and to get more information about installation if you're curious.  A retracting screen might be the right solution for your home, if you're tired of dealing with a more conventional door that's always in the way.  Retracting screens are attractive and minimally intrusive, but extremely useful.


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