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Do You Need a Pet Screen Door For Your Pet?

It might seem a little odd to install a screen door for your pet.  However, including a pet door that's also a screen door makes sense.  Just think about how often you have to open and close your door to let a dog or cat go in or out.  You'll soon see that a pet screen door makes a lot of sense, and is extremely convenient.  You can choose from a number of different installation types, styles, and prices. 

For those who're replacing an older screen door, the option of buying one that already has a pet door pre-installed might appeal.  A storm door for your pet can be bought as a pre-fabricated unit.  That makes it extremely simple to set things up for easy pet access.  Choose one of the three major kinds of pet storm door - standard screen only types, "vent glass" doors which have two sliding top sections and a pet door installed toward the bottom, and doors that have both an all glass and all screen panel.  You can use these panels at the same time, or interchangeable. 

No matter what kind you choose, the pet screen door mounted at the bottom can be covered with a pet panel or other screen door protectors for pets if the weather gets bad.  If you're thinking about replacing your door, choose one of these.  For about four to five hundred dollars you get a convenient pet screen door with adjustable framing. 

If buying a specialty pet screen door is out of your budget range, or you don't want to replace the door you have, you're not out of options.  For doors that are all screen, you'll need to cut through to install your pet door.  Use a screen mount style designed specifically for this purpose, so as not to damage the screen more than needed.  This type of pet screen door even works on the walls of screen porches. 

If your door isn't entirely screen, consider buying a self framing pet door to install in your existing door.  It'll cost less than buying a specialty screen door - twenty dollars and up for cat doors to about a hundred fifty for sturdy mounts that work for extremely large dogs. 

Another method you can choose is also called an instant screen door.  These are inexpensive hanging screens with magnetically closed slits down the center.  They're hung in the door frame using a tension rod, making them easy to install.  Good instant doors are heavily enough that they don't flap in the wind, and work well if you can't install a door where you live, or if you don't want a pet door all the time.  You'll pay thirty to fifty dollars for these screens, but avoid using them in areas with high winds. 

Remember that pets can be destructive to screen doors, even ones made for them.  If you're suffering from this problem, plastic screen door protectors for pets are available.  They cover part of the screen, keeping it safe, while you still enjoy the benefits of a screen door.


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