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Traditional screen doors might be handy when you want to get the house cooler or ventilate without opening the door all the way.  However, they also have their problems.  If your screen door isn't actively in use, it'll get in the way when you enter and exit your home.  It bangs noisily if not closed with care, and it can be a real pain if you have to move large things into and out of the house.  That doesn't mean you have to give up on having a screen door, however.  A magic retractable screen door will fix all your problems.

Retractable screen doors can deal with just about any issue you're experiencing with your current door.  It's like magic.  These doors operate on the same kind of technology that rolls up a window blind, retracting into a housing mounted alongside your door frame.  That means they take up less space, don't make noise, are easy to use and get out of the way when you don't need them.  Treat the mechanism well, and it'll last a long time. 

If you want to divide space, but can't install an ordinary screen door, a  retractable screen door works very well.  If you have a door that opens both in and out, a French door or a sliding glass door, or just a door that opens into an area without enough clearance, you can't use a normal screen.  A retractable screen door puts an end to all these problems, since it can be easily installed in an unusual or extra small space. 

Just be sure that you know exactly which size to get.  Before you buy, measure your doorway carefully, and talk to your dealer if you have any questions.  Your door should fit closely, so that you can open your space up to fresh air without opening it to insects and pets. 

While magic retractable screen doors have been around for a long time, not too many people actually know about them.  There are only four major manufacturers, but they produce a number of different types of doors and brands.  That means that there's a great selection of inexpensive, easy to install doors that will work for your home. 

Of course, if you're concerned about your ability to do an installation on your own, just ask your dealer.  Chances are, it'll be inexpensive to have done, too - that's because retractable screen installation is done so quickly.  You can find these doors at home and garden stores or online.  Check out all the great options and see what you've been missing.


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